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Product EvaluationAmethyst Geode
Amethyst is a cave crystal, belongs to a natural mineral, must have a certain magnetic field frequency, this weak magnetic field has a certain impact on the human body. It absorbs radiation, eliminates negative energy, improves feng shui, and brings good luck. Can also improve the role of brain lesions and aging, headache, migraine and other symptoms have a soothing effect, can avoid the villain, block the road, improve the house feng shui, is the best feng shui stone. The amethyst cave has the meaning of settling down and settling down. It also has the effect of building a town, changing evil spirits, gathering precious gas and flourishing Wen Chang. For the promotion of colleagues and officers, it is better to send amethyst as well, which is conducive to the promotion of reputation, more respect, and step by step.



INSIDE: Amethyst geodes are one of nature's most powerful healers. In this article, you'll discover the many remarkable healing powers of amethyst geodes and how you can use them to improve your life.


The intoxicating depth of color… The sparkling crystal points… The unmistakable soothing energy…

We're talking about large amethyst geodes. If you've seen one or experienced its serene energy, you know what we're talking about. Their beauty, allure, and power is remarkable to say the least.


What Are the Healing Powers of Amethyst Geodes?

Amethyst Fights Stress From All Angles

we thought this benefit deserves to be featured first. Here are the highlights as to the numerous ways amethyst helps to reduce stress:

  • Amethyst is Very Calming - It's energy helps us to easily relax and unwind. 
  • Amethyst Neutralizes Anxiety - It soothes away nervous feelings and anxiety.
  • Amethyst Offers Emotional Stability - It removes emotional charges and helps us put things in perspective.
  • Amethyst Releases Negative Emotions - When our emotions are balanced, we are better able to choose positive emotions over negative ones.
  • Amethyst Reduces Self Defeating Thoughts - Since it balances our emotions and helps us set aside negative emotions, we are able to access healthier thoughts about ourselves.
  • Amethyst Reduces Frustration & Irritability - In the presence of its soothing energy, it's difficult to feel agitated.
  • Amethyst is Tranquilizing & Uplifting - You won't feel tired or sedated from the calming effects of amethyst because it has the uncanny ability to soothe and stimulate at the same time.
  • Amethyst Balances the Mind, Body & Spirit - As you'll see as you read on, amethyst's healing powers benefit the mind, body, and spirit all at once, bringing us into balance.
  • Amethyst Promotes Patience - As amethyst calms us, we feel more patient and better able to handle difficult situations.
  • Amethyst Boosts Inner Strength - The emotional stability that amethyst helps us attain improves our inner strength and confidence.
  • Amethyst Promotes a Healthy Nervous System - By helping the nervous system to function more efficiently, our bodies are better able to manage stress.
  • Amethyst Fights Depression - It helps us feel calm and uplifted at the same time, which is one of the best ways to fight off depression.
  • Amethyst Helps With Addiction - The ancients called amethyst the "stone of sobriety" because it was said to ward off drunkenness. This can ease stress in the lives of addicts and their loved ones.
  • Amethyst Makes Us Happier - With all of these benefits going for us, how could we not feel happier, and therefore less stressed?
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The Meaning of Crystal Feng Shui Tree.


Amethyst helps develop intuition and spiritual connection, is often used to calm the mind and increase concentration, and is ideal for use as an aid to meditation. Amethyst feng shui trees can be placed in meditation areas as a decoration. Or put it in the bedroom for a soothing, relaxing environment.

Since amethyst is associated with wealth and abundance, you may also want to keep it in your office to encourage a thriving career.


Because citrine crystals are associated with abundant energy. In addition to material wealth, Sunda represents your sense of abundance and self-worth. Placing citrine in the Xun position can help you increase these feelings by developing confidence, optimism, and personal strength. Perfect for placing in the office.

You can also place the citrine gem tree at the center of Feng Shui Bagua, known as Tai Chi. This area of ​​gossip represents your overall health, and because it's at the center, it also affects all other areas of your life. Citrine can provide warm, uplifting energy at the center of your home.

Black Tourmaline

If you want more protection, try placing a black tourmaline gem tree on your front door. Black tourmaline is a very protective stone that can help build an energy barrier against negative energies.

Black is also associated with the water element in feng shui, which is associated with depth and wisdom, and how you interact with social networks. To introduce more water elemental qualities into your life, try adding a black tourmaline gem tree anywhere in your home.


Pearls can evoke metallic elements, as metal is expressed through circles and white. If you want to cultivate more metallic qualities in your life, such as precision, joy and beauty, then the pearl gem tree may be for you.

Pearls also contain a beauty lesson on how they form. Pearls are created when a pungent shard enters an oyster. Without that thrill, there would be no pearls.


Jade is a very precious stone in East Asian cultures and is often used to pray for protection, happiness and longevity. Jadeite comes in many colors, the most famous of which is green jadeite. Green is associated with the wood element in feng shui, so you can place a jade tree in your home to invite more wood quality.

In the new beginning area of ​​Feng Shui Bagua, a sapphire gem tree may be particularly supportive, called Zhen. This area is connected with home, spring and wooden elements. It can also be placed in the Fortune Corner for wealth and prosperity.

Pink crystal

Rose Quartz has a soft, soothing energy and is often used to heal the soul or invite a romantic partner. A rose quartz gem tree can be a great addition to the relationship area of ​​gossip. You can also put it in your bedroom to invite emotional recovery and love.


$15.00 - $25.00/kilogram
2 kilograms(Min. Order)
$4.00 - $6.00/kilogram
1 kilogram(Min. Order)
$24.00 - $30.00/kilogram
1 kilogram(Min. Order)
$5.00 - $15.00/kilogram
2 kilograms(Min. Order)

Crushed stone use: Crystal pillow: usually a crystal pillow uses about 6 kg of crushed stone,Crystal Gravel usually filled with amethyst gravel that can help sleep,Crystal Gravel there are also crystal pillows made of white crystal and pink crystal gravel, basically recommended It is more suitable to use crystals with a mild magnetic field. It is better to avoid too strong magnetic fields, which makes it difficult to sleep, especially in summer,Crystal Gravel which is cool and helps sleep!




Crystal foot bath: Use crystal gravel to make a foot bath, which can be used for health care,Crystal Gravel magnetic therapy, massage, and very comfortable! Cultivated plants: crystal gravel placed in plant pots can make plants grow healthy and lush, full of vitality,Crystal Gravel even if the original is almost withered The flowers and plants may also come back to life after the crystal shock baptism.



Decoration: The magnetic field of the crushed stone is scattered. If it can be packed in a beautiful container or gauze bag,Crystal Gravel it can be placed next to a TV, computer,Crystal Gravel or microwave to prevent radiation,Crystal Gravel and it can also exert magnetic energy in a room.


Fish farming: Spread crystal gravel in the fish tank, which is not only pleasing to the eye,Crystal Gravel but also magnetizes to maintain the clean water quality and allow the fish to grow healthily.


Crystal water: Use colorless crystal crushed stones to soak into crystal water for drinking,Crystal Gravel such as white crystal, citrine, etc., dark crystals also release heavy metal substances,Crystal Gravel which are not suitable for crystal water, please pay special attention! Magnetized,Crystal Gravel it will be more mellow and delicious!